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When you need Shipping Rates at your fingertips, DCNL also provides an e-commerce solution to expedite requesting a quote. Our turn around time is unparalleled. Its critical for your business to know its cost-of-goods-sold. For rate request call info@destinycargo.com, or sales@destinycargo.com or call 08080184949.

Household Goods and Personal Effect Relocation Service
DCNL offers a full Export Packing and Removal Service of Household Goods and Personal Effects, Companies who are relocating either within Nigeria or Overseas. DCNL has an experienced team that will firstly visit your premises to discuss your specific requirements, based on these discussions they will provide you with an estimate for both packing and Delivery to Destination.

Full Offshore & Local Shipping Management:
Destiny Cargo Nigeria Limited with the network of partners can arrange shipments from ex factory on a worldwide basis. The services rendered include negotiating the best freight rates available, ensuring that pre-shipment inspection of the cargo takes place, positioning of containers at the factory, collection of cargo, delivery of goods to the respective port, Export Clearance, arranging an Export Survey, Port Handling and the timely dispatch via courier of a full set of documentation. Dependant upon the volume of containers that are shipped we are able to negotiate an extension to the number of free days demurrage granted by the various Shipping Lines - this can lead to considerable savings locally.

In Nigeria we offer a full management service, which includes - opening of the Form M, liaising with Government Organizations such as NAFDAC and SON to arrange import Permits, appointment of Cargo Surveyors, liaising with the Pre-shipment Inspection Agencies, Shipping Lines, Nigerian Port Authority, Surveyors and Banks to ensure the swift issuance of the PAR, Customs Clearance and delivery. Cargo status reports are issued as per the individual clients request and tailor-made to suit their specific requirements.

We offer Airfreight Services for both Inbound/Outbound Cargoes. This includes collection ex factory, delivery to the Airport, Cargo Storage, Airport Handling, Packing (if required), liaising with the relevant Inspection Agencies, issuance and timely dispatch of a full set of documentation.

With high level experience in Freight Forwarding and Transportation for Air Shipments Import /Export equipped with site liaison offices at Various International Airport across the Country, Air Freight Service has also extended to every Airport in world with the aid of our Network.

The scope of the service is;
1. Air Freight Service for both Inbound and Outbound with different favorable Air Freight Rate offered by different Air Lines.
2. With Worldwide Agent Networks all over the World, F.O.B. Inbound and Outbound Cargo booking are also accepted.
3. Customs Declaration, Storage, Transshipment and Door-to-Door delivery Services.
4. Air Freight Bonded Transport and Domestic air Freight Service are also provided.
5. A sound system is established for information feed back, tracking and consultation.

Express Door-to-Door Airfreight
There will always be the unexpected requirement to have some cargo moved from any part of the world to Nigeria virtually; it might be that a spare part is required to maintain production. We can arrange the overnight collection of cargo and dispatch on a daily basis to Lagos. On the arrival of the cargo in Lagos - clearance and delivery can be effected in a matter of hours.

Courier Service
Destiny Cargo Nigeria Limited can arrange the collection and delivery of small consignments on a worldwide basis. All major Airlines operate on a minimum shipment weight of 45kilos; similarly forwarders levy minimum charges for handling and export clearance. For any cargo less than forty-five kilos it is strongly recommended that it be sent as courier to avoid unnecessary costs. Cargo arriving at the courier village can usually be cleared and delivered within twenty-four hours of arrival.

Local Customs Clearance
Destiny Cargo Nigeria Limited undertakes Clearing and Forwarding Service- we do not rely on third parties, staff clears all cargo. We handle clearance of all cargo via Air or Sea - FCL, LCL, Break-bulk and Vehicles.

Customs Brokerage Services
1.Arranging processing of all Import documents, namely; Form M, Insurance Certificate, Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR) etc
2.Collection of documents from the Airlines, Airline agent or ships agent and payments of necessary handling charges and documentation fees on behalf of the company.
3.Preparation of Customs Bill of Entry, payment schedule and other related documents.
4.Payment of Customs Duty and related charges to the Government designated Bank based on the Pre-Arrival Assessment Report ( PAR )
5.Processing of Customs Bill of Entry, etc through the Nigeria Customs Services Processing Unit. CPC
6.Positioning of shipment for Physical Examination and release by the Nigerian Customs Services.
7.Processing of documents through Ship Agents or Airlines Agents and obtaining Authorization to load cargos after payment of handling, rental and storage charges.
8.Arranging to load shipments on truck or transfer to bonded areas, whichever is applicable.
9.Delivery of shipment to Companys premises, Warehouse or any other designated delivery point.
10.Arrangement for offloading shipment at any point of delivery.
11.Providing the Company with all documentation confirming payment of Customs Duty, where applicable and release of shipment by Government Authorized Agencies along with copies of delivery waybill.
12.Liaising with all Government agencies and keeping the Company advised on all current regulations regarding Imports into and Exports out of Nigeria to ensure compliance.
13.In the event of Cargo received discrepancies or short landed, applying and obtaining all relevant documentation for processing a claim through the insurance Company.
14.In the event of any refunds becoming due to the company, to make the necessary application and follow-up to a fruitful conclusion.

Procedure for Pre-Shipment Inspection:
If inspection is carried out under Destiny Cargo Nigeria Limited Form M, it is mandatory for us to arrange duty payment, collection of original RAR, Customs clearance. DCNL/Shipper arranges Pre-shipment Inspection at Origin point based on Form M details. Duration is 3-7 days.
CNEE/DCNL Processes Import Documents, namely form M, Insurance Certificate. PAR (Pre-Arrival Assessment Report)
Inspection Agent either approves or disapproves the inspection as the case may be.

Discrepancy Report is issued and necessary amendment is made immediately.
Inspection Agent sends data to Liaison Office in Nigeria for issuance of Pre-Arrival Assessment Report (PAR) based on attested Invoice/Inspection Report. Duration 3-7days

Liaison Office Prints & Dispatches original RAR to designated Bank stated on Form M.Duration 3 working days.

CNEE/DCNL Request for copy PAR from designated Bank & arrange payments of Customs Duty and related Charges to FG. Duration is 3-4 working days.
DCNL/CNEE arranges collection of original RAR upon payment of Customs Duty with evidence of duty receipts from the designated Bank. Duration is 2days.
CNEE Forward original PAR & Duty Receipts to DCNL along with other shipping documents for preparation of Customs Bill of Entry/Lodging at CPC (Customs Processing Centre)

We commence 1st Stage clearing process i.e Customs Processing Centre Processes.

1.Duly processed Form M with Inspection Agent reference Number
2.Insurance Certificate
3.Proforma Invoice

The following document should be received ahead of time to facilitate the smooth clearance of this shipment before the arrivals of the shipment.
       1. Original Copy of the RAR
       2. Original attested invoice
       3. Original Bill of Lading/Airway bill
       4. Commercial Invoice
       5. Packing List
       6. Copy of Form M
       7. Copy of Insurance Certificate
       8. Original Duty Receipts.

We are able to arrange transportation of any commodity to any area of Nigeria in addition to Containers and General Cargo.

Transportation Services across the Country and International along the West Coast. We will discuss the best, safest and the cheapest rate with you taking into account the nature of the shipment, destination and your budget. In addition, we offer you the benefit of a groupage services throughout the countries.

Our Storage facilities are built to the standard and it provides you with all guarantees concerning hygienic conditions
Destiny Cargo Nigeria Limited is an International Freight Forwarder offer Logistics and supply chain management Services to businesses in Europe, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Africa.

Utilizing our unified network of over 50 Networks in some country, our dedicated Professionals move valuable commodities with the utmost professionalism and ease. We can arrange the following for your personal, commercial or industrial needs:
·Ocean Freight - Containerized, Break-bulk & Oversized Cargo
·Airfreight - scheduled Airline and Charter Operations
·Transportation, Domestic Trucking/West Coast Trucking
·Packing/Removals Services; Local/International 
·Warehousing and Consolidation
·Door-to-Door, Door-to Port and Port-to-Port service options

·Full Container (FCL) and less-than-Container load (LCL)
·Overweight / Oversize trucking
·Transportation Insurance
·Customs Clearance
·Perishable Services
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